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Welcome to EACAS!

EACAS [ East Africa Centre for Addiction Services ] is dedicated to empowering persons with alcohol, drug or gambling concerns, and their families, to manage these concerns and lead more fulfilling lives through the provision of comprehensive assessment and treatment services corresponding to need. Read more

To encourage and assist our clients in achieving personal, family and community health free from substance misuse and problem gambling.

Youth Programs

Youths aged 25 and under (and those who support them) who are affected by substance or alcohol use can access our programs and services of Assessment, Treatment and Referral Services. More…

Adult Programs

EACAS’s addiction counselors provide ongoing support to clients who are struggling with their own substance use. Service begins with a comprehensive assessment to explore the effects of alcohol and/or drugs on all areas of the client's life. More…

Family & Friends

EACAS offers individual and group counseling/support to those who are affected by someone else’s drinking, drug use, or problem gambling through our programs that are information specific. More…

Community Justice

EACAS is pleased to offer a variety of Community Justice Programs to youth and adults which provide assessment, counseling and case management services. Along with supporting the individual involved in the criminal justice system. More…

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