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EACAS provides screening tools and procedures neccessary to conduct screening, brief interventions and treatment refferals for patients who may be at risk developing acute substance use disorder. This provides our clinicians an opportunity to interven early and potentially enhance medical care by increasing awareness of the likely impact of sustance on a patient's overall health.

We provide a Five A's intervention:-

  • Ask - all questions asked or presented to the client are related to substance use.
  • Advise - This involves strong direct personal advise by our addiction counsellor to make a change.
  • Assess - This has helps us determine how much self will our client has to change his or her bahaviour after the councillor's advise.  
  • Assist- This enables us to help our client make a change if he or she is ready.
  • Arrange - This prepares the client for further assessment and treatment, to set up an appropriate plan forexample counselling and therapy. 

Alcohol misuse and drug use are harmful and has many adverse consequences. Multiple physical health, emotional, and interpersonal problemsare associated with illicit drug use. Liver cirrhosis, stroke, HIV/AIDS, cancer, Kidney failure, anxiety, depression, insomnia as well as financial constraints and family problems can all result from alcohol misuse and drugs. 

We apply confidentiality, storage of records, and client's flow for easy followups and aftercare services.


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