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Is gambling hurting your relationships with friends and family?
Are you concerned about a loved-one’s gambling?
Are you losing control to gambling?
At EACAS we focus on you, not just the addiction. You are bigger than your addiction. You are not defined by your addiction.
Problem gambling is not just about losing money. Gambling problems can affect a person’s whole life.
Gambling is a problem when it harms your physical and mental health. If it causes problems with family and friends, causes problems with work, school or social activities, or causes financial/legal problems and damages your reputation, it’s time to make a change.
Our trained Problem Gambling counsellors are here to provide ongoing support to clients who are struggling with gambling-related issues. Service at EACAS begins with a comprehensive assessment to explore the effects of gambling on all areas of one’s life. An individualized treatment plan is then developed by the problem gambling counsellor and the client. Treatment plans can include individual counselling, residential treatment or to other community resources, group counselling, couples/family counselling, etc.

Counselling services are also available to the significant others and family members affected by problem gambling. Counselling is intended to provide assistance with coping effectively with the individual who is experiencing problem gambling. This involves working on relationship issues related to the gambling behaviour and/or recovery. The problem gambler is not required to be a client for family and friends to access EACAS services.

Recognizing Problem Gambling
• Excessive time gambling and frequent thoughts about gambling
• Increasing bet sizes and growing debts
• Lying about or hiding your gambling
• Ignoring important family and social occasions to gamble
• Relying on a potential big-win to solve your financial problems

Who uses our services?
• People who recognize that they have a problem with their current gambling pattern.
• People who require more support that can be offered in an Out Patient program.
• People who are ready to make change in the life and require some support in building a healthy program for recovery.

What We Offer

  • • Addiction assessment
  • • Face-to-face counselling
  • • Couple and family therapy
  • Referral to day treatment/residential treatment
  • Information regarding credit counselling

Topics covered in treatment include:

  • education about problem gambling
  • exploring thoughts that maintain gambling
  • coping with feelings related to gambling
  • developing behaviours that support change
  • relapse prevention

All services are fully confidential and facilitated by trained Problem Gambling counsellors.

Problem Gambling Day Treatment Program
Problem Gambling can affect a person’s finances, job, family, emotional health and the overall quality of their life. EACAS offers a five-day treatment program focused on gambling-specific issues. Through education and support we strive to assist clients in building a foundation for healthy, long-term lifestyle changes

Problem Gambling – Community Awareness
In addition to treatment, EACAS services include working within the community to promote awareness, and prevention of problem gambling. Upon request, EACAS can also provide consultation to other community service providers. For more information or to arrange for a presentation in your agency please contact our offices in Ntinda, Kiwatule

**If you are a care provider and would like to refer a client to the Problem Gambling Day Treatment Program, please call EACAS on.............

Services Include:

  1. Screening/Intake & Assessment
  2. Individual Counselling
  3. Group Counselling
  4. Pre Withdrawal Planning
  5. Acute and Post Acute Withdrawal Monitoring and Support
  6. Transitional Case Management

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