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The effects of alcohol misuse and drug addiction affect the entire family. People with substance use disorders often begin to start separating themselves from the people who love them. Many times they lose interest in the activities they used to enjoy and withraw from their family and friends. Addiction leads to broken or strained relationships. Spouses of the persons with substance use disorders may lead to divorce or even abandon his responsibilities. While addiction is a disease that can change how a person thinks, feels or behaves, they often say things that hurt family and friends. People with substance use disorders may steal money or drugs to feed their habit.

At EACAS, we believe that alchohol and drug addiction are both considered as "family diseases" and this is why we have family involvement with people combating with alcohol and drugs addiction requires continual attendances at the meetings during and after therapy. This helps family members know how to handle each other since the whole family is affected,  know how to support one another, they also assist friends and family with their own emotional support during the incredibly trying and stressful time.

We involve the family and friends in the Alcohol Anonymous meetings of the person with SUD to help him stay out of the destructive cycle of enabling and codependency and fully realise the benefits of addiction therapy and lead the rest of your family towards a journey of recovery and self discovery.

We also encourage our clients to participate in the 12-step programs such as Alchohol anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous to support long term recovery.

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